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Filipino Macaroons for National Macaroon Day

Filipino Macaroons for National Macaroon Day

filipino coconut macaroons

Hi, everyone! I made Filipino-style macaroons for National Macaroon Day today! 🥥🇵🇭 May 31st is all about macaroons, which are coconut-based cookies. (Not be confused with macarons, the French meringue-based cookie.)

I’m Filipino, and growing up I had a Tita (“aunt”) who always made the best desserts for our family gatherings. She made the most amazing leche flan, and she also had the tastiest macaroons. In honor of today’s food holiday—and my Tita—I baked macaroons at home!

This was my first time to ever make macaroons, and I have to say that it was much simpler than I thought it’d be. I used a recipe from Ang Sarap, a great food blog and recipe resource, especially for Filipino-influenced foods. (“Ang Sarap” means “It’s Delicious” in Tagalog.)

The coconut macaroons turned out pretty good. Although I know that they’ll never be as good as the way my Tita made them. She was an awesome baker! But I’m proud of the way my macaroons came out of the oven. They’re a bit cakey, but they still have a good crunch from the shredded coconut. They’re so sweet and good! The only problem is that because these are baked in mini cupcake cups, it’s easy to eat way too many. Lol!

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If you’re interested in making some Filipino macaroons for National Macaroon Day, check out the link to Ang Sarap’s recipe below.

If you have a recipe for macaroons, I’d love to learn more about how you make them! Feel free to share in the comments. Happy National Macaroon Day, everyone! 🥳

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