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National Wine Day

National Wine Day

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May 25th is National Wine Day, so grab a glass (or two) and celebrate! In honor of today’s food holiday—or should I say “drink” holiday?—here’s a throwback pic of me enjoying a couple of glasses. One in each hand, of course. 😉

This photo is from a visit to the Santa Barbara Wine Collective (SBWC) in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. We spent the day wine tasting in town and closed it out with a flight of Notary Public Wines on the SBWC patio. It was a good day!

I’m fascinated by the winemaking process. At one point I looked into taking viticulture and enology courses at UC Davis. Because I’m a nerd! I think winemaking is the perfect blend (pun intended) of art and science, and I’d love to know more about grape cultivation and the various processes that yield different types of wine. But all I know is what I’ve learned from a handful of vineyard tours and from the movie Sideways. 😬 I could definitely use some more wine education.

How are you celebrating National Wine Day today? I have a bottle of Syrah that’s been eyeing me for a while, so I think I’m going to open that up tonight. 🍷

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Cheers, everyone!

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