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Spicy Kimchi Pancake Made with Sourdough Discard

Spicy Kimchi Pancake Made with Sourdough Discard

kimchi sourdough pancake with fried egg

A big part of my sourdough journey is figuring out what to do with the discard. I try to operate a zero food waste household, so it’s important for me to learn how to use my unfed starter in innovative ways. So far, I’ve been using it to make biscuits; but recently, I’ve discovered using it to make savory pancakes—like this spicy kimchi pancake with scallions!

I’ve made kimchi pancakes before, but I used a more traditional batter in the past. However, I was inspired by Pastry Chef Caroline Schiff to use my sourdough discard as the “batter.” Basically, a cup of active but unfed starter serves as the “batter” for your pancake. Simply get the discard to room temp, fry it in a little bit of fat (such as ghee or olive oil), then season the top and layer it with kimchi. Or whatever else you’d like. For more detailed instructions, you can check out Chef Schiff’s recipe on the Blue Apron blog. But it’s more like an invitation to get creative with your pancakes.

Because I’m #extra, I had to put a fried egg on top of my kimchi and scallion pancake. And I highly recommend doing that! If you like jammy yolks like me, the yolk adds a creaminess to the crunch of the pancake and kimchi. I think the egg takes it up a level. But I live by the “put an egg on it” rule. 🍳

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I could eat a spicy kimchi pancake every day, so this may end up being my go-to discard recipe. 😋 I’m excited about playing around with the discard pancake concept though. With my CSA, I’m getting so many good seasonal vegetables, and I can imagine using them in future pancakes! Maybe something like a zucchini discard pancake? Sounds delicious to me, so I’ll have to cook that up soon!

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