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National Quiche Lorraine Day

National Quiche Lorraine Day

quiche lorraine

May 20th is National Quiche Lorraine Day, which celebrates a versatile dish that can be served and eaten at any time of the day. I’m a big quiche eater. I guess I’m generally a fan of anything savory and custardy that is served in a flaky pie crust. But what I love about preparing quiche is that you can be creative with the ingredients you use.

For National Quiche Lorraine Day today, I kept it simple and used pantry staples and the last of my broccoli for the quiche. (Quiche is a great “fridge clean-out” dish. Not sure what to do with the last remaining veggies in your fridge? Put them in a quiche!) I had one last ready-made pie crust, which makes quiche prep so much easier, so all I had to do was fill it with the savory stuff—bacon, broccoli, and cheese! Lots of cheese! 🥓🥦🧀 I used shredded Mexican cheese because that’s what I had, but you can use Gruyere or Swiss or whatever you’d like!

Quiche is a perfect make-ahead dish, too, because you can eat it when it comes out of the oven, or you can eat it cold later. It tastes good no matter the temperature. Plus, it’s a wonderful accompaniment to other dishes, like soups and salads and sandwiches. Or if yours is filled with bacon, like mine, it’s hearty and filling enough on its own.

If you love quiches, what are some of your favorite quiche recipes? I’m always looking for creative quiche ideas!

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If you want to see how I made my quiche, check out my “Easy Quiche” story highlight on Instagram at @yumdayco!

P.S. For today, let’s pretend that this is a quiche emoji. ➡️ 🥧

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