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National Orange Juice Day

National Orange Juice Day

fresh squeezed orange juice

Not only is May 4th Star Wars Day, but it’s also National Orange Juice Day! 🍊 There’s nothing like starting your morning with fresh-squeezed orange juice—especially when it’s squeezed by someone else. Squeezin’ is hard!

Orange juice is like a treat for me. If I’m grabbing breakfast or brunch at a place with fresh OJ, I’ll definitely add it to my meal. Or if I happen to have an abundance of oranges, I’ll try my hand (pun intended) at making a fresh glass. I have a simple juicer, but if you want to make lots of juice, I highly recommend something with gears. Lol!

Cooking and Baking with Orange Juice

There’s a lot you can do with orange juice in addition to just drinking it. Recently I’ve been using orange juice in cooking and baking projects. A couple of ways I’ve utilized orange juice is in a homemade strawberry compote and also as an orange glaze for homemade sugar cut-out cookies. (I learned about the cookies from Christina Tosi’s #bakingclub sessions on Instagram!)

If you’re interested in some more uses for your juice, has a great article listing 10 ways to use orange juice. You can read it here.

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I love the idea of using orange juice for salad dressing, but I never would have thought of using it for DIY lip balm or adding it scrambled eggs! Have you ever added orange juice to scrambled eggs???

Hope everyone has a great National Orange Juice Day today! (And enjoy all the Star Wars puns and memes today, too!) #maythefourth

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